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How to Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Many organizations have different sales and marketing departments. Although the separation of services is important, it confuses organizations. Marketing has broad agendas in business which include advertising, branding, market research, lead generation, new product development, social media and web content. Sales persons’ main activities are usually making customer leads, qualifying the leads and also taking responsibility on the sales line.

Despite the difference in sales and marketing in scope, they share common objectives which are ensuring customer satisfaction and growing the business revenue. It is therefore important for businesses to bridge the gap between the sales and marketing departments. For organizations to realize similar results, the two departments should work as a unit.

Below are tips that can help a business unify sales and marketing. To start with, both the sales and marketing departments ought to use a similar language. A joint agreement with the organization on what constitutes a qualified lead should get established. A consensus with critical terms focusing on the organization’s marketing activities and a comprehensive profile of targeted customers who form a target audience gets created. A focus of people with no purchase powers by the sales team may make their efforts futile and as a result, ends up placing marketing teams in the wrong places.
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Organizations could also come up with a mutual plot. The sales team interacts more with their clients and thus both the marketing and sales departments should be combined for better results. They would consider using an approach that lays out every step of the customers buying process and ideal methods of reaching out to customers and influencing their decisions.
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Organizations should also measure activities and results. Departments of sales and marketing ought to revamp their analytics and invent agreed upon metrics to assist in measuring the outcomes of the marketplaces.

Staff in the two departments could also get interchanged for a period. Many of tensions between sales and marketing result from a simple misunderstanding on the roles of each department. An efficient solution to this problem could be having marketing team members to serve as sales representatives for a period. When this is done, marketing team members right from top executives to junior staff get to know how to make contacts with customers, how to develop leads and making follow-up calls to influence buyer decisions.

A sales representative’s knowledge of the customer should be stressed on. Sales persons are aware on what the target market likes most. Sales representatives ought to share such information with the marketing department. When having this knowledge, the marketing department equips the sales force all the necessary tools for potential success.