The Costs of iCloud: Why it Costs So Little and What That Means for the Future of the Cloud

Cloud computing is the idea of saving data externally- not internally in a hard drive- and being able to access it through a remote portal. The most common concept and use of cloud computing is email, where all the emails are theoretically stored through the cloud (essentially).

Cloud computing is also extremely cheap and extremely easy to get into. It is a system that is seemingly everywhere and cost less, but it was not always this case at all. Cloud computing has come a long way.

The Low Costs of the Cloud

iCloud costs so little partly because Apple has been working on their version of the cloud computing system for nearly 20 years. In one form or another, cloud computing has been a staple of their repertoire. The concept launched in 2000 as a web tools platform until it is readjusted (slightly) in 2008 as mobileMe. MobileMe was never really supposed to take off in any big way, at least in the mainstream. It was the launch of iCloud, basically the big brother of MobileMe, and has forever changed the space of cloud computing.

The Thankful Future of the Cloud

Readers can see that all of this dates back almost two decades, and certainly more- a time where cloud computing was the concept of a large desktop monitor in the sky controlling the universe. Now, cloud computing is everywhere and its costs are marginal at the highest and basically nothing at the lowest. It is a grand reinvention of what some people were claiming cloud computing to be- an expensive and difficult to manage alternative for mega-corporations exclusively. In the future, cloud computing may become even more accessible. It may be something everyone inherently uses and understands due to the low barrier-of-entry already. Many people are already using the cloud without knowing it. The websites they use certainly are.

Getting started on iCloud is extremely easy and intuitive, as it should be. iCloud services are officially leading the pack in the mainstream, and intuitive design is par for the course on this wide-scale arena. Visit to get started and to take serious advantage of the lowest costs for cloud computing ever.