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3 Important Guidelines for Reading Your Astrology Chart Astrology is a way of gaining insight into how the position of stars and planets affects personality traits.Prediction of future behavior of a person is made possible by reading and interpreting personality on the astrology charts.You can read and interpret the charts for yourself to gain insight into your own behavior.The process itself is simple enough to be done by anyone who is interested.Outlined below are simple steps to enable you read your star on a zodiac chart. Sign Reading and Interpretation Locating your sign on the chart comes first before reading can be done.There are twelve subdivisions on the outer rim of the chart.Your birth date will aid you in locating your sign here.The twelve sections on the chart of the zodiac are representative of twelve zodiac signs that represent various personalities.After locating your sign on the chart, you’re supposed to learn its meaning.Your behavior is believed to be affected by your sign.Sagittarius, for example, has been associated with generosity, idealism, and humor as positive traits while empty promises and impatience are some of its weaknesses. Reading the Houses Finding your house on the chart is also important.This can be read from the twelve inner sections that are triangular-like in shape.For you to be able to find your house, you will have to use your ascendant.The point, by sign and degree, that rose above the Eastern horizon the instant you were born is your ascendant.After locating the position of the ascendant, you can find the arrangement of your different houses with them dictating the various aspects of your life. Interpreting the Planets The two subdivisions of planets include the personal and planets.The outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto while the personal planets are the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.Different symbols are used on the chart to represent these planets: the sun is a circle with a dot at the center, the moon is a crescent shape while the male and female symbols are used for Mars and Venus respectively.The inner and outer planets represent the various aspects of your personality.Interpretation of your planets will depend on which house and sign they appear under.Your passion and drive are indicated by the planets.The manner in which you carry out tasks is represented by the houses while signs stand for areas of your life that require change or are already being changed. This is the simple process of reading your astrology chart to understand your sign, and also understand yourself better.This should come in handy when you are making decisions for your life.Consider your sign, houses, and planets together if you intend to get a complete picture of what your sign says about you.

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