A Recent Report Includes Some Striking Small Business Digital Marketing Statistics

Major companies and international brands today inevitably recognize the importance and power of effective digital marketing. Some of these businesses spend many millions each year, in fact, on their online initiatives, assets, and activities.

While small businesses sometimes trail larger ones in certain respects, they have been very much part of this rush into digital marketing themselves. As a press release issued by noted designer and marketer Joseph Kashurba some time back makes clear, the momentum is only increasing at this scale.

Fewer Abstain and More Commit to a Greater Degree

Statistics quoted in the release emphasize that small businesses have become just as dedicated to online marketing activities as larger ones. Where about one in twelve small companies reported doing no digital marketing at all about a decade ago, that already small number has declined significantly since.

Even as recently as only a few years ago, about two-thirds of small business owners felt that online marketing was very effective at delivering new customers, according to the study’s authors. In the space of a single year, that figure leaped to just about three-quarters, with further progress having been made since.

Online Marketing is Effective and Rewarding for Small Businesses and Becoming More So

As a result, many view the present time as something of a golden age for small business digital marketing. With so many interesting developments happening all the time, there has likely never been a more opportune moment for small business owners to dive in deeply.

At the same time, some who make the leap do come away disappointed. Given the rapidly evolving nature of the space, being sure to obtain the right kind of support is almost always mandatory. Insisting on finding a marketing partner who is ready to account for everything a small company could need always makes for a strong start.

New Opportunities and Challenges, Along with Plenty of Small Business Growth

While some of the statistics reported in this study must necessarily stop growing as they approach 100 percent, this is not to say that anything in the small business marketing field is slowing down. To the contrary, the rush of small businesses into this space has meant that marketing specialists have become committed to working even harder to provide what they need to succeed.