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Dealing with the Cancer Menace With multiple cancer cases being revealed every year, it is evident that the killer disease keeps tightening its grip worldwide. More people are advised to get trained on cancer treatment as well as cancer management for those already infected or ailing. You as a caregiver is required to be there at all times at least at the disposal of the person that you are entrusted to take care of. The carer is not always someone employed to do the work but it could be also you taking care of a loved one at different stages in life. The abnormal growth of cells has made it one of the most serious and chronic illnesses. However, sometimes the reproduction gets out of hand and produces too many new cells which cause growths that we refer to a tumors whereby if they get introduced into the lymphatic system they form cancers. There are over 100 cancers that can hit a human body but we’ll only major on the most prevalent ones. Now unlike other transmissible and infectious diseases, cancer does not spread from one person to another. Types of cancer are basically grouped in regard to the cells that they affect or rather where they begin. It grows in different stages namely; stage one, two, three and four whereby four is the last and bedridden stage of the deadly disease. After you have been diagnosed with cancer and stage of advancement determined, the cancer care team will notify you of various treatments for your condition. Surgery will be achievable option if the cancer cells are located in the lymph nodes of only one organ. Again, the type of cancer treatment that you will receive will depend on the extent to which the cancer has grown.
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The main goal of radiation therapy is always to change the situation based on the stage of growth of the cells. If the spread is extensive and has affected most of the body parts, radiation can be used to reduce the pain of the patient as well as earlier stated to slow down the growth. In most cases both radiations are used together.
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This type of treatment uses anti-cancer drugs which may be injected or directly taken through the mouth by the patient. In some cases chemo helps shrink the cancer cells as well as reducing or rather pain relieving for those with advanced stage cancers. For cancers that may appear to have been completely removed by surgery and radiation, chemo can be very effective to remove cancer traces in the body. Some cancers occur in regard to the sex hormones in the body and may require hormone therapy for treatment. In these cases hormonal balance drugs are administered to curb the cancer advancements.